Are We a Techno Tribe?

In 2007, Gerald Celente, who is a leading expert about trends, suggested that blogs and other social media will be transcended and will lead to the formation of Techno Tribalism. He described it on his web site as follows:
“The tribes of the world are uniting. Tied together by the arteries of the information superhighway, citizens of common dreams and common causes are forming human bonds that transcend national borders, religious beliefs and political ideologies. Still in its youth and growing with unbound vitality, the exploding Internet is unleashing powers to the people that will change the way the world is run … and who will run it.

“Bigger than blogs and more influential than the social networks, TechnoTribes will rally masses with calls for action when rights are violated, lives threatened and/or change is needed. Distrusting of politicians and critical of their leadership skills, the egalitarian tribes will unite those who share civic interests, follow moral codes and believe in universal truths.”

“Positive, negative, good or bad, more people are going to unite their voices over the Internet in forming these techno tribes in ways we’ve never seen before.”

Are We a Techno Tribe?

The slow family

The Wood family, December 1970
The Wood family, December 1970 (Photo credit: Dave Traynor)

“Family” is a powerful word.  It carries much more weight than “community” and certainly more weight than “culture.”

In this blog I explore a concept I call the “slow family”.  This idea stems from the slow movement.

Most, post-modern families have subjective values, undefined roles, and their lifestyles tend to be more concerned with extrinsic motivation rather than intrinsic motivation. They celebrate each others materialistic achievements because they matter the most.   Extrinsic  motivation is about fulfilling tangible cravings and rewards.  Intrinsic motivation is more concerned with personal development, demonstrating personality in ways both creative and productive. We all know that young children are highly suggestible.  They are also highly insatiable.

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The slow family