Re-defining – Learning in Other Worlds

What are we re-defining? From my vantage point, learning fuels the economy and social networks are empowering us to connect in ways that support new paradigms and possibilities. I’ve compiled a few snippets that reveal what myself and my sources may be mulling. The basic idea is that there are “other worlds” where networked learners can solve global issues and form back-up plans while earning alternate currencies.

Re-defining money

monopoly money
monopoly money (Photo credit: guerrillaguru)

The DYNDY project encourages us to re-consider how we deal with and create money in our present world where financial, banking, and economic crises result from faulty top-down decision-making processes that serve the few and not the many.

“We are in a situation whereby the incapacity to re-define how we deal with money could resolve in an a severe damage to society as we commonly refer to it: contrary to what happens with information systems, there are no backups with money systems.”

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Re-defining – Learning in Other Worlds

Biocentric Health of the Universe

“What is the role of your presence in this particular time and space?” I asked that question exactly two years ago today in a piece I curated on Biocentrism.  It’s a theory that lends a unified view of the foundations of science by turning reality outside-in.  In other words, it assumes the primacy of consciousness by asserting that life creates the universe, rather than the other way around.

I can’t say the perspective is entirely “shocking” for me.  Partially because I’m stimulated by ideas that conjoin the camps of Science and Religion. I see them both as allies in ensuring the survival of our species.  What’s cool about Biocentrism is that we can assume consciousness plays role in shaping our universe.  Why is that cool?  Well, in case you haven’t noticed, you’re a highly conscious mind with a brain unlike any other.  I’d like to think you could make an impact.

You should know the key proponent of Biocentrism is Robert Lanza, a stem cell researcher, who has been so bold to turn the table on physics by suggesting that life doesn’t emerge from matter.  Rather than keeping biology and physics separate, his model combines them and places we, the observers, firmly in the equation.

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Biocentric Health of the Universe