This blog is one node where I digest info about a variety of topics that might benefit our species. Most of what I curate on the web offers a glimpse of the future, or a reflection on the challenges we face. Mostly, this blog is an investigation into the potential we have as humans in a technologically enhanced world.

For those who see themselves as ‘Change Agents’ I offer this space as a lens into how organisations and society may be re-defined.

The following schema from Constructing the World Mind by Jan Wyllie serves as a scaffolding from some of the ideas and solutions I’ve been entertaining over the years.  I hope you find it helpful.

1. Purposes: opportunities that offer an ends and a means.

2. Needs: what is required of individuals and their societies.

3. Components: the form, content, structure, people, and funding required for the design.

4. Implementation: the theories, techniques, and politics that people can put into practice together.

5. Examples: projects that appear to be guiding us toward a better world.


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