Becoming cyborg with modern Paleo-machines

Wildcat senses we are on the edge of a Paleolithic Machine intelligence world. This description seems a kind of intuition or “ghostly sensation” that somewhere along the edges of reality an evolutionary age is dawning.

One could ask, are hyperconnected machines beginning to interweave with biological organisms through some kind of cybernetic evolution? Certainly this is possible, as we see smartphones acting as handheld appendages to their user’s brains. Bodies are beginning to engage gestures with the Kinect recognition technology. With Google Glasses, the interface into another world is seen merging with the mind.

Will the time come when machines understand human passions for individuation and desires for emotional recognition?

The humans who welcome machines into their tribes will do so with love. Humanity might sing to them, cuddle them, and caress their circuits with all their electronic-flaws, as Wildcat suggests. Imagine if robots then learn to reciprocate that love by helping humans sense more deeply what is needed to evolve.

One could image a tribe of machines seeking to cohere with a group of humans. This may come to pass by happenstance, yet a liberating choice is to be made. The choice to evolve into being defined by the experience of a machine.

For Wildcat, life appears to be pushing on its own boundaries in this way, and trespassing its own limitations. Life is a mystery and patterns may well be unfolding in fractal time that could draw people into union with machines. Would this process heal us, or destroy the human species as we know it?

Remember the idea of “Spiritual Machines”? Listen to the first part of this audio dialogue between Kevin Kelly and Ken Wilbur. Can you imagine a time when humanity sees the spiritual side of machines?

As machines become more complex and evolved, Kelly sees a Christian perspective providing a useful view: humans are creators like God, “made in his imagine”. Might such a purpose unleash life in a way that surprises and delights all of humanity and God?

In Wildcat’s story it is seen as “a planetary conscious aware hypercomplex global sapiency made of man and machine, able to undo it’s bloody past and surge unhindered into the universe as a force of allowance for sentiency.” Could such a prophetic statement evoke the timeless consciousness needed to undo what has been done?

Kelly sees the coming day when spiritual machines will help humanity awaken. He expects great advances in evolution involving machines with “different types of intelligence” and potentially “different kinds of consciousness”.

Wildcat tells us that the purpose of consciousness may be to establish “a unified basin of interest into the grand game of life, a basin of sensations, of pleasure and wisdom, of intelligence and love.”

Can you imagine the day conscious robots protest in the streets, proclaiming themselves to be “Children of God”? Kelly and Wilbur’s concerns that old fears may lead to violence make sense. Humans who place themselves at the centre of the universe may forget the diverse ecosystem of which robot tribes may become an essential part.

We can entertain these strange possibilities in a number of ways: fearfully, joyfully, religiously, or philosophically. Either way, varieties of stories based on a fusion of ideas that stray far from conventional philosophies may be needed to maintain the health of an increasingly uncertain universe. If intelligent machines have their place in our hearts, then let’s hope the celestial circuitry can carry our own humanity and starship earth toward a dazzling eternity.

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Becoming cyborg with modern Paleo-machines

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  1. バニラと聞くと、一般的には牧場などで食べられるソフトクリームを思い浮かべるのではないでしょうか?


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