Swarm Leadership

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Like bees we fly out and surf through our virtual and real life. And like bees we return to our community on and off line, to report what we think is most interesting, to see, follow up upon. The more interesting our story, the more exited our dance, the more people, who trust us, the more followers we’ll see following our trail, often the trail of people who have gone before.

What is a Swarm?

Swarm can be a spontaneous movement, an informal network, an organisation with unclear boundaries or a cultural change adopted by many. It can be a tribe, a (protest) movement and perhaps even all supporters of one idea.

Swarm Leadership

Whenever there is a Swarm and someone influences it, I call this Swarm Leadership. You don’t have to be aware you lead. The Swarm does not have to be aware. But you have an influence and because of it, the Swarm changes course or colour, new ideas are integrated and old ones pushed out.

Some people may play bigger roles, have more influence than others.

Swarm leadership is therefore both a personal attitude of responsibility and a leadership role within a movement, tribe or network that you.

Stimulate Use of Social Media

Organisations that forbid their employees to make use of social media lose power and presence.  Let them take part in dialogues. .. learn from criticism.

And most of all trust them. Let them be free to play.

.. they might build up the most integrated customer support network you could wish for.

Amplified via p2pFoundation

Rick Falkvinge suggests that Swarm Leadership is a scaffolding set up by a few individuals that enable thousands of people from diverse backgrounds to cooperate on a common goal in their lives and changing the world together.

If you want leadership in a Swarm, you stand up and say “I’m going to do X, because I think it will accomplish Y. Anybody who wants to join me in doing X is more than welcome.” Anybody in the Swarm can stand up and say this, and everybody is encouraged to. This quickly creates an informal but tremendously strong leadership structure where people seek out roles that maximize their impact on the Swarm’s goals — all happening organically without central planning and organization charts.

In a Swarm, nobody gets to tell anybody else what to do. (People can take on roles and deliverables voluntarily, though.)

Rather, people inspire one another. There are no report lines among activists. As everybody communicates with everybody else all the time, successful projects quickly create ripples. Less successful ones causes the Swarm to learn and move on, with no fingers pointed.

The only people who deviate from this and take on formal deliverables are the ones upholding the scaffolding of the Swarm — being points of contact from media and other external organizations that work in a traditional way.

Also see Swarm Creativity Framework
Swarm Leadership

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