Narrative Templates

‎”Narrative templates” came to mind, so I searched and found the idea already exists.  Helpful, no?

I’m seeing “schematic narrative templates” as nTubes of identity (roles) that can be accessed through one’s personal nSphere of meaning/experience. Memories are the nemes, in this instance. When memory nemes are patterned between agents to create context, a nString is formed (relationship) wherein they exchange (nemex) their experiences of the nSphere(s) which surround them. Together through their entangled nemiStrings, they can begin to create new memories which send ripples outward.  These are the ecwaves which trigger cascades of nemex from the surrounding nSphere(s). Essentially, I’m seeing an “empowering feedback loop”.

via Collective Memory Project: Collective memory: narrative templates as cultural tools

 · January 5, 2012 at 6:39am (edited August 29, 2012)
Narrative Templates

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