Random Nemes about Nemetics

NEME is acronym for Notice.Engage. Mull. Exchange. Scale independent model of “Learning.” enuff? – @toughLoveforx

“Nemetics, based on the science of complexity, is a process to understand, model and resolve ‘wicked problems’ by leveraging authentic constraints in various fields like engineering, social and economic movements & transformations, architecture, design of arrival cities and entrepreneurship to name a few.

In order to do so Nemetics has developed a neutral language that can be fluently applied across various disciplines and subjects. The primary tool that it uses is designed on vibration and waves, vibrating strings, tubes and fields characterized by frequencies and amplitudes, which are then expressed and modeled in probabilistic terms to resolve ‘wicked issues and problems’ through co-created re-design. ”

Nemetics is linked to many subjects & practices like Systems Thinking, Design Thinking, Complexity Theory, Complexity Science, Chaos, Dialectic Materialism, Complex Adaptive Systems, Physics (Newtonian, Quantum and Relativity), Engineering (Vibration and Wave Theory, Thermodynamics etc), System Dynamics, Mathematics and Spirituality as found in authentic works of Yoga, Buddha, Krishnamurti and David Bohm.

The present development of Nemetics is a result of a turbulent entanglement of all these disciplines. Hence what emerges isn’t clearly attributable to any particular subject, discipline or practice since many of the concepts overlap and intermingle from one domain into another. I am sure it would embrace and lean on many other subjects or disciplines in the future as the discipline and practice of Nemetics grows in various domains. But this is the present status.

by @TheDesignKata

Life is composed of nemes. We experience them through our personal lenses, our nemitubes. – @ddrrnt

1. Nemetics is based on three fundamentals. nemes, nemiTubes and nemiSpheres. Focus of study is on nemes Exchange called “NemeX”

2.The term neme indicates a superset of replicators in all Complex Adaptive Systems. Replicators are memes, genes, “Lumenes”
3. Memes are replicators in Cognitive Space. Genes are replicators in Physical. Lumenes coined by in Emotional Space.
4. “Neme” is an acronym for the Learning process of Complex Adaptive Systems. Notice ornot Engage ornot Mull ornot Exchange ornot.
5. Physical Space is said to be Pwaves. Emotional , Ewaves, Cognitive Cwaves. a Neme is said to Collapse ECPwaves to a Neme.
6. A nemiSphere is a snapshot of entangled nemiTubes in which NemeX is constrained by Tacit and Explicit Rules.
7. A nemiTube is that pattern created by the Xchange of Nemes. Called NemeX.
by @toughLoveforx
Michael Josefowicz @toughLoveforx
May 8, 2012
nemiTangled nStrings with Authentic constraints of Hope and Caring and free neme exchange 🙂 works like a charm…
Dibyendu De @TheDesignKata
May 12, 2012
yes, Must. C slider mechanism of Authentic Constraints & how redesign leverages

I agree with you. Nemetics would call “I” the most authentic nShape. The field is the worlds of waves, vibrations and the material world, and how they effect the nTubes of which we are composed. Those changes in our nTubes is what brings health and peace of mind. – @toughLoveforx

The objectives of Nemetics are the following:

a) To provide a Leadership decision framework to resolve ‘wicked paradoxes’ to improve performance.

b) To act as a discovery tool to make sense of reality viewing it in terms of interactions & emergence to help us strategize 

c) To be a design tool to improve any particular situation in life. It might be personal, organizational and technical

d) To act as an enabler to observe one’s own thinking process enabling possiblechange in individual and collective consciousness.

Dibyendu De @TheDesignKata
Mar 6, 2012
Yes True. NemeTubes of paradox enveloped by nemespheres of awareness

Moreover, in Systems Thinking we take relationships (feedback loops) as causes. In Nemetics we take relationships as emergence or resonance. Hence in Nemetics we term a relationship as nString (or NemeString) a number of which are enfolded into a tube called nTube (or NemeTube). The nTubes contain the history of an emergence. So, the Nemetic view is that causes don’t lie in relationships.

by @TheDesignKata Nemetics – Some Questions and Answers

Thank you! in nemetics every neme triggers cascades of energy. – @toughLoveforx

Michael Josefowicz @toughLoveforx
Apr 25, 2012
The thing is shape of nemiTubes are ultra sensitive to nemes which make them resonate. ya think?
Dan R.D. @ddrrnt
Apr 25, 2012
yeah, sensitivities may draw a nemistring out of a neme into the ntube to trigger resonance, or disonance.

The RGB Waves

16. There are cycles within cycles that are responsible for self organizing, self governance, maintenance, emergences — all that we notice in reality for complex systems of any type and nature. This is represented by the RGB (Red Green Blue) color schema.

The Blue (B) wave is the wave of collective representation or the collective consciousness that prevails and affects people in a space – individuals, family, organization, community, state, nation, region,… etc.

The Green (G) wave represents the behavior of people affected by the B wave. So G is dependent on the B wave.

And the Red (R) wave represents the myriad events that take place or surface in space over a period of time.

via @TheDesignKata – Neme Cycle, Framework & Process for a Desired Future


Random Nemes about Nemetics

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