Untangling data, untangling complexity

Amplified via Strange Attractors.

The internet is the nervous system for an organism that is in the process of being born,” says John Perry Barlow, founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in talking about “vibrant data.”

Intel’s Vibrant Data project … At Digital democracy, …  potential to study patterns of data to learn more about how we build systems of trust and social capital.

Data aggregation can lead to annoying ads on your Facebook page… or it can facilitate new interactions, bringing people together to consume collaboratively, solve complex problems or anticipate emerging issues. How we as a society negotiate these tensions in what is an ethical free for all?

In the new era of data and citizen access, we also need to think about building government capacity and agility to ensure that data is respected, but also to inform government decision making and actions.


Untangling data, untangling complexity

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